North Georgia Weather

A rather mild climate, our region of North Georgia typically experiences hot summers, cool spring and fall weather and occasional snow in the winter. To best prepare for this weather we suggest the following; in summer dress light, however, in fall and spring consider layering clothing, this is helpful in the mountains when you never know just how chilly or warm it may get. For late fall and winter the more layers the better! Night time and early morning temperatures can be brutal and can come with a touch of snow.


How to Pack

In general, it can be rather wet in the mountains so a light waterproof jacket is always good to have handy as well as a good tennis shoe or more preferred hiking boot, especially if you plan on hiking. When packing or travel through more remote areas of the mountains be sure to always have a backpack of essentials, water, and snacks (nuts, seeds, nutrition bars, jerky) and always let someone know where you are going especially if you are alone. 

For great gear and tips on where to explore, the best trail and more visit North Georgia Mountain Outfitters in Ellijay!