North Georgia Vacation Spots FAQs

What is in the total price?

Our pricing is simple. One Cabin, One Rate, for the maximum number of guests allowed. Of course, since each cabin is different, the departure cleaning varies from cabin to cabin so you will need to included in the rate. Add your insurance and tax and you have a total price. Some cabins have unique fees, like inside gated communities, and some have booking fees. When comparing homes always compare the Total Price with all your options and ensure the homes have matching amenities and services, otherwise, you are not getting a fair comparison.

Can I have an early check in or late check out?

The simple answer is yes of course. You can purchase either as soon as you make the reservation for a small fee depending on cabin. You can also take your chances and wait until a few days before your check in to see if either are still available and then we can allow a couple hours either way free of charge.

Are pets allowed?

Yes but only at pet friendly cabins. You can search for pet friendly cabins using the search tab at the top left of out home page.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes absolutely we do. We also extend the same discount to any public service worker(police, firefighter, first responders) and teachers.