North Georgia Vacation Spots Terms and Conditions

Welcome to North Georgia vacation Spots.. Thank you for choosing us for your North Georgia Mountain Getaway!  We are here to provide you, our guests, with outstanding customer service and a vacation to remember for a lifetime.  Please Read Carefully the following Policies and Procedures for our Cabins. The Cabin you are renting is a privately owned home and is a well cared for and much loved property.

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Guest Rental Agreement for North Georgia Vacation Spots

Guests acknowledge, understand, and agree that the moment Guests give our reservationist  their credit card information to secure and reserve a cabin, by phone, internet, email or any other format, Guest agrees to abide by the terms of this Agreement in its entirety and accepts responsibility for all persons and pets and any and all Damages during their stay.   North Georgia Vacation Spots is authorized to charge said credit card for the total amount agreed upon and Guests have authorization to occupy the premises exclusively for the duration confirmed on the reservation while bound to the conditions of the Rental Agreement herein.   North Georgia Vacation Spots Cancellation Policy will govern any cancellation, rescheduling, or change after the initial credit card authorization has occurred.

Must be 24 years of age or older to reserve and book a vacation property. House parties are strictly prohibited and evidence thereof will result in immediate eviction with no recourse, additional cleanup charges and possible legal repercussions. Reservations Agent has the right to request proof of age. Tenants shall behave in a civilized manner and shall be good neighbors respecting the rights of the surrounding property owners.

ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE POLICY TERMS-PLEASE READ THIS FOR YOUR PROTECTION! - Accidental damage protection is included in the total price for any accidents, subject to exclusions and limitations, that occur to the premises during your rental period up to $300.00.  This protection eliminates traditional “security deposits” and gives peace of mind to our guests knowing that in the event of accidental loss or damage during your stay, you are covered. Please contact our office immediately to file a report if accidental damage occurs. Any repairs exceeding $300.00 will be the responsibility of the guest. Guest must notify our office immediately in order for the damage protection to apply. The damage protection  plan DOES NOT cover negligence or willful neglect. Homes are inspected immediately after each guests departure and if there is UNREPORTED loss or damage discovered after your stay, we will charge YOUR credit card with no chance of recourse. YOU MUST REPORT THE DAMAGE WHILE YOU ARE HERE OR YOU WILL BE BILLED FOR THE REPAIRS. “DAMAGES” INCLUDES OBVIOUS DAMAGES PLUS MISSING LINENS OR HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, EVIDENCE OF SMOKING ($300.00 minimum charge), EXCESSIVE GARBAGE, EXCESSIVE CLEANUP, MOVED FURNITURE, SCRAMBLED TV CABLES, SPILLS AND STAINS, MUDDIED CARPETS, PET HAIR, ETC. Failure to provide compensation for your damages will result in legal action against you. Please be responsible and report your damages.

CANCELATION POLICY –  NO REFUNDS WITHIN 30 DAYS OF ARRIVAL. For cancelations 30 days or more from arrival date, guests will receive a full refund less a $75 processing fee.  

RESCHEDULING A RESERVATION OR CHANGING PROPERTIES – Guests may change properties or reschedule a reservation for a $30 change fee provided change or rescheduling occurs more than 30 days from arrival date. If you do change your dates, you must stay in the original cabin reserved unless the cabin is no longer available. No changes are permitted within 10 days from arrival date. Email rescheduling and change requests to: [email protected]

RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS – A minimum payment by credit card of 50% of the reservation total is required when booking a reservation farther than 10 days from your arrival date.  Upon receipt of the initial payment, a booking confirmation email will be sent to you with a confirmation number. The remaining balance is due no later than (10) days prior to your check-in date. Reservationist will automatically process the credit card on file exactly 10 days prior to your check-in date, unless  other arrangements are made in advance. Reservations placed within ten (10) days of arrival date will require PAYMENT IN FULL at the time of booking the reservation and must be paid with credit/debit cards only. We do not accept checks.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS AT CHECK-IN! Inquire with Reservations for custom payment plans. Unpaid balances within 10 days of arrival are subject to reservation cancelation with no recourse or refunds unless other arrangements have been made in writing and approved by Management.

NO SHOW/EARLY DEPARTURE/INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY – NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be offered in the event Guests are unable to arrive or depart on time or if Guests choose or are required to depart early for any reason, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO; inclement weather, such as rain, snow, sleet, ice, wind, fire, and any other reason whatsoever outside of Agent’s direct control. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing Travel Insurance to protect guest against loss from any unforeseen conditions that may lead to trip cancelations, delays or inability to access or depart from premises. Refunds or rate adjustments are not made for any inconvenience due to construction, road repair, wasps, lady bugs or similar instances.

TRAVEL INSURANCE –North Georgia Vacation Spots does not offer Travel Insurance but Guest may purchase Travel Insurance from a Travel Insurance provider such as Travel Guard.  Travel Insurance protects Guests against loss of deposits and payments from cancelations or reschedules due to unforeseen events outside of the control of Guest or Agent.  

CHECK-IN TIME IS 4:00 PM –Due to same day turn over’s and housekeeping coordination, properties cannot be guaranteed ready for occupancy until 4PM on the confirmed arrival date. CHECK-OUT TIME IS 11:00 AM - Timely check-out is greatly appreciated so that staff has adequate time to prepare the property for the next guest.

NO-SMOKING – NO EXCEPTIONS! – All cabins are NON SMOKING. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO SMOKE INSIDE THE CABIN. You may smoke outside, however, we ask that you keep the grounds free of litter. Cigarette butts must be placed in the provided bucket or ashtray. If there is additional cleaning due to cigarette butts being thrown on the premises, there will be an additional cleaning fee applied of not less than $25. Guest agrees to pay no less than $300.00 for odor abatement if they smoke inside of the cabin.

MAXIMUM OVERNIGHT OCCUPANCY – The maximum occupancy for overnight guests is stated in all accommodation descriptions. Maximum overnight occupancy limits are required by the Fire Marshal and are for the safety and protection of occupants and Home Owners. Guests are required to report the correct total number of overnight guests over 5 yrs old on all reservations. Any child five years old and above is considered an occupant & must be included in the occupancy total. For select properties, Reservation holder will be required to fill in an Occupancy Roster or Security Registration that gets filed with Security Personnel for safety and access purposes. The security offices of the resorts are authorized to deny entry to guests that are not listed on a security registration or pre-authorized for entry by North Georgia Vacation Spots. Guests are required to submit all names to North Georgia Vacation Spots prior to receiving check in package and instructions. Exceeding the maximum overnight occupancy could compromise the plumbing and septic systems which can result in severe damages, unsanitary conditions and unsafe situations. Any damages and costs resulting from excessive overnight occupants will be the responsibility of the reservation holder.

 URGENT SITUATIONS AND EVENTS OUTSIDE OF North Georgia Vacation Spots STAFF  CONTROL- In a life threatening emergency always call 911 and give them the cabin address on your printed directions or on the Cabin Book. In any urgent situation requiring assistance of our staff, call the numbers provided in guest’s correspondence. Every effort will be made to address any urgent situation in as little time as possible. Properties are not owned by North Georgia vacation Spots, but by indivdual private home owners. Our staff will make every effort to prepare home for guest arrival but cannot guarantee against problems or malfunctions.

REPAIRS AND SERVICE CALLS – North Georgia Vacation Spots cannot guarantee against mechanical failure of heating, cooling, hot tubs, TVs, satellite receivers, VCRs or other appliances or systems. Please report any inoperative equipment to our office immediately. North Georgia Vacation Spots will make every reasonable effort to have repairs completed quickly and efficiently or may move you to another cabin if possible and subject to availability. Should a repair technician make a call to a rental property unit and find that the equipment is in working order and problem was due to guests oversight or neglect, the charge for service will be at the guests expense. No refund or rent reductions will be made due to failure of the appliances and/or equipment.  Guests understand and agree that North Georgia Vacation Spots may enter the rental property at any reasonable time for the purpose of making any needed repairs.

GARBAGE CONTROL POLICY - All garbage must be bagged and tied and placed in the outdoor garbage containers unless otherwise specified. In the event guests generate more garbage than fits in the outside containers, guests must either take excessive trash to the nearest dump or call the North Georgia Vacation Spots Office to arrange for an unscheduled garbage pickup.  Please ensure all garbage is bagged and tied and placed inside garbage containers with lids securely fastened to avoid animals getting into garbage.

HOT TUBS – If your cabin has a hot tub, please read this for your protection!! Guests may use hot tub at their own risk. Hot tubs are cleaned and properly treated prior to each arrival. Instructions are provided in the Cabin Book on how to use hot tubs, covers, cover lift assist, cover clips and padlocks. Please read the safety instructions in the Cabin Book prior to entering a hot tub. North Georgia Vacation Spots is not liable for any losses, injury, sickness, allergy, medical condition, or any consequence whatsoever from Guest’s use or misuse of hot tub.  ALWAYS RINSE OFF BEFORE AND AFTER USING A HOT TUB. NEVER PUT SOAP OR BUBBLE BATH IN THE HOT TUB. Any excessive cleaning of Hot tubs due to misuse by a guest or any person during guest reservation may lead to charge of $75 on Guests’ credit card. Please direct any questions about the hot tub to the reservations office to avoid problems.

LINENS AND CONSUMABLES - A standard supply of linens is provided in each property that supports the maximum occupancy. Bed linen and bath towels are inspected and counted before and after each reservation and not changed during your stay. A complimentary supply of start-up consumables is given to guests at check-in and not replenished during Guest stay, however, housekeeping service and other cleaning arrangements during your stay are available for an additional charge. Contact the Office for details.

FIRE-PITS – Some properties provide a fire pit. If a property does not offer a fire pit, guests MAY NOT build fires.  Any costs associated with cleaning up or dismantling an unapproved fire pit will be billed to guest’s credit card on file. Fire pits may be used throughout the year and are perfect for cooking over.

ALCOHOL AND ILLEGAL DRUGS – Alcohol consumption is limited to people of age. Illegal drug use is Strictly Prohibited and will result in termination of this agreement and immediate dismissal without refund.

CONDUCT AND NOISE ORDINANCES –Occupancy and use of premises shall not be such as to disturb or offend neighbors or residents by means of including but not limited to; loud parties, excessive speeding through neighborhoods, riding of ATV’s or Off Road Motorcycles/Dirt Bikes, excessive noise and/or obnoxious behavior, discharging of Firearms, and or Fireworks, or any other noise-inducing mechanisms. Any complaints received will be sent to local enforcement agencies and will be dealt with accordingly.

WILDLIFE AND INSECTS– Environmentally friendly pest control services are performed on every property routinely to kill and repel common crawling insects. Cabins are located in mountainous areas that may harbor different types of wildlife and insects including but not limited to: Bear, Deer, Possums, Squirrels, Turkey, Ladybugs, Bees, Wasps, Scorpions, Spiders, Centipedes, etc…NO REFUND  will be offered in connection with any wildlife or insect encounters inside or outside the cabin.

LOCK OUT POLICY – In the event guests are locked out of a property, the guests may borrow a key by calling 706-669-9803 . There is a $50 charge for lost keys, after  11PM, the assistance of a locksmith will be required. The guests will be responsible for all costs thereof.

PET POLICY – Some cabins allow for Pet Guests. Pet damage is not included in Accidental Damage Insurance.  Pets must be completely housebroken, well behaved, and pest-free.  Pets are not allowed on furniture or in hot tubs.  Reservation Holder is responsible for any and all damages caused by pets. Please do not use cabin linens or towels on pets. If pets have an accident in cabin, all clean-up will be performed by the Guests. Guests further agree to police waste from the grounds and deposit in outside garbage cans. Failure to comply with pet clean-up policy may result in additional cleaning charges that will be charged to the guest’s credit card.   Guests agree to be in full control of their pets at all times and take full responsibility for their pets well being. If you have a pet and it is not listed on the lease, the unauthorized occupancy of pets where prohibited will result in immediate eviction and loss of all rental money.

TERMINATION BY OWNER/PROPERTY SUBSTITUTIONS – North Georgia Vacation Spots strive to comply with all reservation requests for specific vacation properties.  However, due to ownership changes, properties being removed from rental use, mechanical problems, or other unforeseen circumstances outside of our control, North Georgia Vacation Spots cannot absolutely guarantee a specific property.  We reserve the right to change property unit assignment to a similarly priced property without liability within a reasonable time frame should rental property become unavailable.  A comparable property is defined as having a similar total reservations price, within a $100 threshold, and occupancy numbers.  No refunds will be offered when comparable substitute properties are available.  Should Guest decline the comparable property, Guest may reschedule to another date at the published rates but no refunds will be offered. If comparable properties are not available within 30 days of arrival, Guests will have the option of selecting from any other available properties for their reservation dates and pay or receive a refund of the difference in the total cost or may choose to receive a full refund. 

 LISTINGS AND PRICING – Information regarding cabin listings is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. We have made every effort to insure that all of the information on our website is up to date and accurate. The possibility of errors and omissions exists. Our staff will be happy to confirm all information or answer any questions you may have prior to reserving cabin.

LICENSEE OF OWNER - Guests are a licensee of the Owner and not a tenant; Renting the premises in no way constitutes Guests acquiring interest in the property.

RIGHT OF ENTRY - North Georgia Vacation Spots Staff reserve the right to enter property anytime to investigate disturbances, check occupancy, check for damages, make repairs, alterations, and improvements, as  Staff deems necessary.

DISPUTES – This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia and be treated as though it were executed in the County of Gilmer, State of Georgia.  Any action relating to this Agreement shall be instituted and prosecuted only in the Gilmer County Superior Court, Georgia.  Guests specifically consent to such jurisdiction and to extraterritorial service of process.

INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS –Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owner and North Georgia Vacation Spots for any liabilities, theft, damage, cost or expense whatsoever arising from or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of or in connection with guests use and occupancy of the cabin. This including but not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury, injury due to hot tubs, or damage or theft of property which is made, incurred or sustained by guests. The terms “North Georgia Vacation Spots” and Owner is used in this agreement shall include their heirs, successors in interest, assigns, employees, agents, and representatives where the context requires or permits. The terms “guests”  “you” and “your” as used in this agreement shall include guests heirs, successors, assigns, guests, invitees, representatives and other persons on the rental property during guests occupancy (without regard to weather such persons have authority under this agreement to be at the cabin) where the context requires or permits.

CREDIT CARD – Guest is providing credit card number as a guarantee. Guest agrees to pay all rent and associated fees and accept all terms of this agreement and accept all liability for any damages not covered by the Accidental Damage Insurance and/or beyond normal wear and tear during the term of the lease with Agent. If guest fails to do so guest understands that these costs will be charged to guest’s credit card and all credit card sales are final. Agent is not required to notify guest when charging credit card for obvious damages or other obvious charges as applicable under the terms of this agreement.